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What We Do

Conscious Design is the Pacific Northwest's source for modern, progressively designed ergonomic furniture and office equipment. We can help you completely design and furnish your work space and specialize in high quality ergonomic products. After years of providing ergonomic consultation services to some of the top companies in the U.S., we now collaborate with ergonomics professionals and employers to actualize, align and inspire workspaces.

We offer a wide range of ergonomic furniture and equipment: chairs to fit every body type, adjustable workstations (including a variety of sit/stand and reclining options), monitor arms, keyboard trays, specialized keyboards, mice and other input devices, such as foot pedals and voice activated software. We carefully choose our products with the end user in mind. Using innovative biofeedback technology, we can accurately measure a client's muscle tension, motion and posture to determine which product will best optimize comfort and minimize risk factors leading to strain and injury. We conduct fittings in our showroom and provide on-site consultation, education and training. 


Conscious Philosophy

The final phase in a desk or chair's lifecycle is too often a landfill, with no effort made to reuse or recycle components. Standard office furniture, which requires precious resources and energy to produce, is a significant contributor to global waste. Further, many prominent manufacturers make little effort to utilize sustainable, non-toxic products and minimize their carbon footprint. 

Electronic waste (i.e., keyboards, mice, printers, etc.) comprises 70% of U.S. toxic waste and only 12.5% of it is recycled. The toxic components of electronic waste include lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, chromium and flame retardants, substances which are especially damaging to young children. An estimated 80% of electronic waste in the U.S. and most other countries is shipped to Asia, where safe handling regulations are virtually non-existent. 


We are committed to being a local advocate for responsible manufacturing and recycling practices and have aligned ourselves with partners who share our vision of sustainability. Please read about the environmental programs at Soma and Håg, two of our primary partners, which exemplify the level of action we strive to achieve.


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